When your wealth is at stake, you want comprehensive financial expertise. You want targeted insights, integrated across disciplines. You want Beaumont.


At Beaumont, there is always a full team behind you. We shepherd your investments carefully—and always with an eye to your short- and long-term goals. Whether you are anticipating a business sale, planning for retirement or contemplating your next real estate purchase, we help you strategize, tapping expertise across disciplines. Together, we craft a plan, then implement it, revising as goals and circumstances evolve.

Investment Management

Our primary business is investment management. We conduct our own macroeconomic and security-specific analysis, constructing portfolios from a vast universe of traditional and alternative investments in order to manage each individual portfolio to client objectives and their risk tolerance. We continuously monitor results, and adjust portfolios appropriately based on market conditions and client needs. For our clients’ benefit, we have access to multiple custodial platforms including Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley, and others. See our investment process

Business & Tax Advisory

Many of our clients take advantage of the ease and cost-efficiency of our in-house tax preparation services. We work with you throughout the year to determine the most advantageous approach in preparing and filing your returns. If you are already working with a trusted tax advisor, we understand and are pleased to collaborate with those professionals.

For business owners in changing circumstances, we offer insight born of decades of experience—helping evaluate business structures, mediate among parties, address tax consequences and serve as a sounding board.

Life Cycle Planning

Accumulation. Preservation. Distribution. The stages of the wealth management life cycle are inextricably entwined. So, we craft fully integrated, tax-efficient plans that follow industry-standard processes—executing and navigating as circumstances shift. See our planning process

Generational Planning

You want your wealth to have a long-lasting impact on your family—which can be challenging to orchestrate. We can help you craft gifting strategies, establish custodial accounts, and plan educational funding. Perhaps most importantly, we can facilitate family dialogue about each of these financial vehicles, so everyone understands your goals, your rationale, and your strategy. See a case study

Estate Planning

Estate plans can be complex to structure—and critical to get right. We work with your existing attorney, or one that we can recommend, to ensure your estate plan reflects your intentions. Leveraging well-honed expertise, we harness a variety of estate planning techniques. See a case study 


We can provide an in-depth review of your insurance—including life, disability, healthcare, property & casualty, and long-term care—to help you ensure that your coverage matches your needs.


Consolidated statements simplify review. We continually monitor and measure your progress with our customized reporting. Your total assets and year-to-date performance (at the security, account and group levels) are all part of our regular reporting, as are your current and long-term asset allocation strategy.