We plan carefully. We keep vigilant watch. We remain flexible—because both the market and your needs will change. When they do, we’ll be ready.


The first step in our process is understanding your current financial situation—and what you want it to be. Not just today, but over the course of your life. We work closely with you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your cash flow, your debt and your goals, then tailor a plan specifically for you.

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Establish our relationship

We begin by developing a deep understanding of you, your family and your financial goals. We learn what you hope to achieve—and delineate how we can help you achieve it. That’s the foundation for our ongoing partnership with you.

Gather data

From the start, we ask a lot of questions — about time horizons, risk tolerance, family circumstances. We also do some talking; we’ve learned a lot in the last 35 years and we want to be sure you benefit from that knowledge.

Analyze and evaluate

Your circumstances and your needs are not like anyone else’s. Your financial plan shouldn’t be either. After we gather all your information, we analyze it carefully, evaluating your current assets and how to best meet your goals.

Develop your plan

We work as a team, harnessing the power of our extensive resources to develop a financial blueprint that meets both your short- and long-term goals — then explaining it in detail, adjusting it based on your feedback and concerns. We were founded by Boston-based professors, and education is in our DNA. We want you to understand all the options, as well as the reasons behind our thinking.

Implement your plan

Once you are comfortable with the plan, we implement it, carefully building your portfolio as appropriate securities become available at what we feel are appropriate prices. Because we work with multiple custodians you can choose a platform that suits you — one that you can both view and access at your convenience.

Monitor your plan

Markets move. Circumstances change. Goals evolve. We are with you throughout, monitoring your investments to ensure your objectives are being met—then navigate as conditions shift.


We utilize multiple custodians, including Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley and Charles Schwab, and others to help ensure favorable trading costs and best execution, as well as access to top quality research. Our customized reporting system integrates daily downloads from these custodians, reflecting your holdings and results in one centralized report.